When you have a leg fracture and are in a lot of pain it's reassuring to have a doctor that really cares about you. Dr. Lager did a great job with my surgery and helping me get back to playing sports after my injury. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has an Orthopedic or sports injury.

- Susan B.

My experience with Gotham City Orthopedics was very positive. I was surprised I was able to get an appointment so quickly and to have an in-network physician too. The office staff was very pleasant, and so was the x-ray technician who helped me. I've already referred some family members to their office.

- Chris K.

When I took my elderly mother to Gotham City Orthopedics I didn't know what to expect. I can tell you that having someone speak Spanish made my mother more comfortable. She's had a lot of joint pain for years, especially in her hips. It seems like every doctor who sees an elderly patient just wants to get them into surgery but my mother's doctor wasn't like that. They took her age and total health into consideration and treated her like a person, not just like another case. Some Physical Therapy helped and my mother and I are grateful for her care.

- M. Rodriguez

The Orthopedist on staff at the hospital referred me to Gotham City Orthopedics. He spent a lot of time with me talking about my injury and what to expect in terms of surgery and my recovery. I was afraid before the surgery but he put me at ease. After the surgery he repeatedly checked up on me.

- Chris W.