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Gotham City Orthopedics in NYC is determined to give you the very best in care, whether it’s in the doctor’s office or out. We have four outstanding paralegals who manage the needs of our patients as well as the requirements of insurance companies and workers’ compensation case managers. Accidents and injuries are painful enough. Let the legal team at Gotham City Orthopedics help schedule your appointments, ensure your claims are correctly processed, and provide the required reports to your carriers in a timely manner.

Lauren Czerniak has been an invaluable member of the Gotham City Orthopedics team since 2010. She supervises our team of four paralegals and serves as a liaison between Gotham City patients and insurance companies, attorneys, case managers, and other entities involved in the medical profession

Lauren also handles the independent medical examinations (IMEs), workers’ comp appointments, deposition and court schedule, narrative reports, and medical record requests. Her expertise in the evaluation of referred legal cases to determine eligibility is without parallel, and she works directly with law offices in all claims and concerns for our patients.

Our staff coordinates IMEs, second opinions, and medical case reviews and ensures that “quick forms” are faxed immediately following office visits, providing you with written reports within 24 hours. Our legal department works seamlessly with Gotham physicians so we can produce high-quality reports and reviews faster than any other practice.

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Our outstanding legal department is just one of the many reasons we are considered one of the best orthopedic care facilities in NYC and New Jersey. We are here to support you from the moment you arrive for your initial consultation to your last physical therapy appointment.

For more information regarding our workers' compensation and legal department, please contact Lauren at (973) 330-0676.

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This form is for appointment requests only. Please do not send sensitive medical information through this form.

This form is for appointment requests only. Please do not send sensitive medical information through this form.

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Gotham City Orthopedics is working hard to stop the spread of the virus.
That is why we are now offering virtual visits to both new and current patients.
We want to ensure you can still get the help you need or remain on track with your healing
so that when this is all over, you will be able to go back to an active lifestyle.

Because at Gotham, we treat everyone like an MVP.

Our office is also open for patients requiring in person visits.