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Hand, wrist, and elbow complications can be more daunting to some physicians, considering they are some of the more complex and delicate areas of the human body. At Gotham City Orthopedics in NYC, our doctors and surgeons specialize in the sophisticated mechanics of the hand, wrist, and elbow. Our specialists have performed thousands of hand, wrist, and elbow surgeries, as well as non-invasive procedures. When it comes to orthopedic conditions of the upper extremity, placing your trust in an experienced and qualified hand specialist is always the best choice.

The road to recovery begins with a proper diagnosis. If you are feeling discomfort in the hand, wrist, elbow, or anywhere else in the arm, contact us to schedule a private consultation with our top orthopedic specialists in New York City. At Gotham City Orthopedics, curing your orthopedic complications is our most important concern.

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When patients get referred to an orthopedic hand specialist, they often believe that they will have to endure extensive surgeries. This is far from true. After the diagnosis is made, our board-certified hand, wrist, and elbow specialists will review which treatment plan is best for you. Many times, conservative treatment is tried first, and surgery will only be performed if your symptoms persist or worsen.

Some of the more common complications of the hand, wrist, and elbow are listed below. While not a complete list, this will give you a general idea of the various ailments that are routinely corrected by the top hand specialists in NYC at Gotham City Orthopedics.
In addition, we are also experts at pediatric orthopedics, hand and elbow surgeries, same-day total joint replacement, and much more.

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Treatment of these hand, wrist, and elbow conditions depends on the severity of each patient's injury. Procedures recommended for treating these conditions may include massage or ice, formal physical therapy, and surgery. If you are feeling unusual discomfort in the hand, wrist or elbow, the best thing you can do is to consult the orthopedic hand specialists and surgeons at Gotham City Orthopedics in NYC.

We are dedicated to providing you the highest level of orthopedic care, with availabilities no matter the day or time. If you require immediate orthopedic treatment, don’t hesitate to call.

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